Has anyone received any info about their orders?

I know there were some delays in parts acquisitions, but it seems like we should be getting some updates about order status or progress. Blokas crew, please keep your supporters informed to help curve the anticipation!

Hey, the last update is available here: Pre-Holidays Midihub Progress Update - linked from https://blokas.io/midihub/ ‘Updates’ section, as well as sent by e-mail.

A new progress update is coming soon. In brief, the PCB manufacturing is going smoothly at the moment and we’re finalizing a manufacturing deal with an alternative manufacturer of enclosures, once that is done, we’ll post the new update via all channels again. :slight_smile:

If you didn’t receive the ‘thank you for your order’ e-mail, please send me a personal message.


Looking forward to new info, but no, I can’t seem to find a “thank you” e-mail.

Just in case I have triggered the e-mail to be sent to you again. :slight_smile: Let me know if you didn’t receive it. It should contain a link to your order status page.

So, it should be very soon now for the firsts orders?

We are working on it, we’ll share an update once the enclosures manufacturing is sorted. :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for the update, I don’t think I got anything other than the one 4 months ago “thank you for …” email.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: few more updates would be nice :slight_smile:

So, I suppose that the corona virus crisis will not have a positive impact on the delivery plan :slight_smile:

Hopefully it shouldn’t impact us too much, all of the remaining processes are within our city, so as long as the companies we depend on continue to work, we should be OK, but you never know how the situation can develop next. :slight_smile:

Ok, good!
I was just asking because here in France the governement ask us to stay at home.

don’t worry, the health is always more important of a very very long delay.
and, as I have read somewhere, “the wait enhances the desire” :slight_smile:


I’d still like to know some news about it though… my lot was supposed to be delivered on second half of March. best wishes to everybody, take care!


I’m in the same group. If not for the virus interfering with most commerce, I’d almost believe midihub was vaporware.

Middle of April now, cmon what’s really going on?



Finally got an email saying my order is getting ready to ship!

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that, sir, is the news I was waiting for since feb!!! enjoy your new toy, and I wish mine will be on it’s way soon too!

Yep!!! Patiently waiting :wink:

Me too, and even better they’re also sending me a free MidiBoy to say thanks for all the referrals too…

Yay, always fancied doing a bit of Arduino hacking so that’s awesome, thanks!

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Gets midihub in mail…
“When did I order this?”" :thinking:
sees free midiboy in package
“A year ago, It was worth the wait!” :rofl: :wink: