Getting Pisound to work on Jetson Nano


I’ve been looking into making Pisound work on Jetson Nano but I’m not very skilled for it and I come to ask some help.

I asked on github first (, understood that the kernel module won’t be the most problematic and that the main effort will be to write the correct dts overlay, as it was done for the tinkerboard S (see here).

I also read the relevant .dts files in raspberry pi (here) and tinkerboard (here) and try to make a general rule to write a dts overlay for the Jetson Nano.

I could generate the .dts file from the Jetson Nano (Here is a pastebin), I generated it like this, the kernel being downloaded from Jetpack.
dtc -I dtb -O dts -o - tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-a00.dtb
I think that’s correct, please correct me if not…

The new release of JetPack has a new tool to configure the GPIOs (docs here), I was hopeful but it doesn’t seem flexible enough to support Pisound easily.

I also started a thread in the nvidia dev forum to ask for guidance. It seems they are internally discussing about supporting Pisound by default, which would be great !

Would anyone be willing to help me on this?

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Thank you for looking into this, I’ve posted a reply on Nvidia forums.

Thank you very much for your reactivity Giedrus ! We’ll see how it goes.