FluidTransitions ~ smooth (Slew-ish!) BPM/CC changes

This patch is designed to use buttons/keys to trigger non-linear changes between CC values or BPM rates.
Its CC output looks like this

Although it’s quite complex under the hood, my aim was to make something quite simple to use.

The Full patch is designed to quite variable, in the expectation that those who use it will decide which parameters they want to “lock-down” for a particular project.

In the next few posts, I will highlight various aspects of the patch and upload the main version of the patch, followed by its components, some of which can be left out without affecting its core functionality.


In this patch I have designated 16 keys/buttons which divide up a range set by Min and Max controls.
When the button is pressed a transition is triggered to the level indicated by the its postition

(I chose 16 merely cos my controller has 2 rows of 8 light-able buttons. This range can be easily changed)

The transition time is also has its own control

and is based on the rate of the LFO pipe.

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The linear LFO is run through an Equalizer pipe to give a choice of outputs:

“Ease-out”, “Ease-in” and “Ease-out, Ease-in” ; each of which is selected by it’s own button.
(these could equally be 3 keys)

As a last addition, there is a toggled switch which turns on a duplicate Equalizer to accentuate the curves:

This is a (albeit-subtle) variation which was ‘cheap’ to add.

Here is the patch with abbreviated description:FluidTransitionsAll.mhp (1.9 KB)

It is based on USB-in/out for ease of design
[NB uses physical loopback from D to D]
Tomorrow, I will adapt it for MIDI-DIN I/O.

If anyone jumps in with a request for tailored input settings (this uses ch16; trigger notes 12-27 & EQ notes 97-99 for eg.) before then, I’ll see what I can do!

PS. If you have a LaunchControl, the patch will light which button is active. Can’t upload a .syx file but can show a screenshot of the set-up.


This is quite impressive. It will probably go down in history as one of the best patches of all time for MidiHub. I have many plans for this one already.

This looks really good! :slight_smile:

Somewhat hyperbolic, methinks…
…but I’m amused by the idea of a .mhp ‘Hall of Fame’.

I’ll be content if a few folk get to use it and post mp3’s of what it can do in the hands someone with musical/performance skills

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Here are the component modules:

  1. FluidTransitionsClockOut.mhp ~ mapped Clock
  2. FluidTransitionsControllerLights.mhp ~ LED feedback to controller (optional)
  3. FluidTransitionsEQsettings.mhp ~ button/key input to maps for Equalizer curve (adaptable) [1]
  4. FluidTransitionsMainLoopback.mhp ~ Main Loopback with Input/Output pipelines (core)

Each has its own Description. MainLoopback’s is heavily abbreviated to fit . Made my head hurt.

[1] While I think it’s easier to read in “One line per setting” form; this is more compact FluidTransitionsEQsettingsCOMPACT.mhp (1.6 KB)
PS. All my curves are ‘vanilla’ always-ascending. Certain uses might benefit from settings like like this~

These now added to PatchStorage under same username