Envelope generator

How about an envelope generator, triggered with note on , creating cc’s etc.

I want to give this a bump. Some synths have 1 envelope only for VCA and VCF but VCF can be controlled via MIDI CC. A simple ADSR envelope pipe could enable those synths with independent envelopes for VCA, VCF or VCO. Even better: a complex envelope pipe with more than 4 steps per envelope. Just dreaming about having a 8-step envelope as the Casio CZ series for any synth that has the according MIDI CC controls available :star_struck:


@Synthfluencer This is intriguing!
How do you think it would work: a bit like an adapted limited-duration LFO?
If that’s the case, it would fit with the Midihub style to have a pipe for each “arc” of the envelope “polygon”(some linked to NoteOn, others NoteOff and each to the previous) which would give you as many steps as you like (within pipe max constraint).
But wouldn’t it also only work mono-phonically (I guess paraphonically)?

@resonotter I was thinking about one pipe, triggered by Note-On event. One parameter of the pipe could be target (CC value, VCA, Pitch, …) followed by a number of time (ms) and level (0-128) pair values. First pair represents attack, second (third, fourth…) decay, followed by sustain and last step is always release. But the idea of one pipe for each envelope stage sounds also interesting. It may cause problems since the ADSR cycle sould always be “complete” (at least ASR) in my opinion.

This sounds interesting; buildung a ADSR by combining a couple of LFO pipes in one shot mode with different waveforms (Saw-up + Saw-down)… I’m going to do some experiments with those :grinning:

IMHO this is determined by the target synth; how it processes incoming eg CC values.

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Yeah, I guess.
my thinking was that if the synth has say CC#26 controlling VCF, then a new note would retrigger the Env pipes.

Whatever, I’d still like to play with “Envelope Pipes”; it would be like the KomplexModulator on the Iridium but not tied to fixed length steps and periodicity. I’d use that on way more stuff than amp & freq!

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+1 for envelope generator pipe, on/off with a note value (trigger, one shot), possible to loop, (BPM sync), depth param to grow/shrink the whole envelope. If not ADSR, AD fine too.

Yeah, I’d have to +1 this as well :slight_smile:

An envelope would be great.
Just Attack hold, release would do.

If I understand you can use the lfo to retrigger on note on.

Hey @Flyweight (welcome to Midihub, btw)

FYI, After this & similar discussions, I looked into building an ADSR envelope using current firmware.
(More as a proof of concept, really - there’s a link there to a diagram which shows the hoops I had to jump through)

It looks like there might be a firmware update soon-ish which should at least enable the ditching of a physical-loopback connection (to get MH to map to itself).

If an Envelope pipe was introduced during some update, I’m pretty sure it would be a pipe for a single arc/stage, enabling users to build their own complex envelopes…

(that would have a main “amplitude” CC and a secondary “notifier” message which would indicate “I’m done, time for next stage to start”)

… rather than an all-in-one AD/ADR/ADSR - just cos it fits Midhub’s building-block style (and because users ~including me!~would then soon be saying “Gimme DX7 & CS1 envelopes”!)

Either approach would have further considerations/limitations:

  • polyphony – (assuming note on/off = begin/end,) you want any envelope pipe to handle each note with it’s own env, meaning that the pipe would need to be like Dispatcher in its Attack phase.
    (of course, up to you to ensure your ext synth(s) can handle this)
  • CC rate – the max rate for LFOs is 256Hz – I guess to avoid MIDI logjams– so short duration stages will always be a bit steppy.

Having said all that, this is the closest @Giedrius has come to commenting on this since the intro of One-Shot LFOs.

Hi thanks for the welcome.

Yeah I would understand the envelopes to be steppy.
Even if its just because of the cc bitrate
So your approach to make the envelope stages sounds pleasing.

I just ordered my midihub. So I am a total noob.
Looking forward to get into it.



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I just made a pipe that recieves on midi channel 1 then assigns to 4 channels a midi note.
To play 4 volca modulars polyphonicly.
The volca modular can only listen on channel 1 so the midihub remaps everything back to ch1 and every din out has a volca connected.

then 1 volva has its midi out connected to 1 din input so 1 volca controls all others via cc.

Then in Ableton I assigned 4 midi cc envelopes.
these envelopes are now still paraphonic but i was surprised how i got nice fast plucky sounds.

So a AHR attack hold release envelope would be so handy to have as a modifier device.

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