LFO One shot improvements

Is it possible to create an extra option for the ‘One shot’ parameter in the LFO pipeline?
When Retrigger is set to On note (or chord) and One shot is checked, the duration of the LFO cycle is dependent of the Rate and thus could be very short. It would be very nice if there was a second option to also STOP the LFO with the (last note priority) NOTE OFF message (or ‘note length’ as you wish).

This way the LFO won’t spit out millions of CC data to all my synths forever and I would not need to map a Bypass and sequence the mapped event at the end of each played note, which is impossible when playing live.

Another option to reduce send CC data is to assign a simple envelop decay (in milliseconds) to the LFO if set to "One Shot. This is way less precise of course than just NOTE ON/OFF messages.

Thank you for reading this!

That’s a good idea, we’ll add the ‘LFO active while notes are played’ into our todo. The envelope would be a dedicated pipe though (that can be used in conjunction with an LFO), we plan to implement it as well.


That would be cool! I very like :slight_smile: