Envelope ADSR style CC movement (loop)

I do not know how exactly could this be useful so please forgive me if not aplicable here. This new pipe could be used to create more interesting results combined with the lfo pipe. This can be triggered to exist at a per note basis as usual but it could be free as well, maybe with a beat time signature to follow the line and then stop as single or loop? A Looping envelope could produce interesting cc movements to modulate anything. So more “modular” style experiments can be exposed as midi cc messages.

Some additional info
From waldorf:


Waldorf Blofeld Envelope
Four envelopes with different types and trigger modes affect any sound parameters you choose.

Each envelope can be either polyphonic or single trigger. This is especially interesting with the monophonic voice allocation, as the filter envelope can be set to be triggered only by the first note(s) while the Amp Envelope is triggered anew (i.e. on each note). Think “organ percussion register”, for instance.

The Envelope types include the standard ADSR as well as an enhanced ADSR-variant (with controllable attack level and two decay and sustain stages), two different loop envelopes and a “one shot” Envelope.

The Loop types can be used to act as additional LFOs, while the One Shot is perfectly suited for percussion sounds (which typically ignore the note release).

Example use for blofeld synth

I would love to see something like this happen! it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for but close
any extra MIDI CC automation would be great

To control note length on the Nord drum2, I’m looking for something similar: Note on & off messages translated to CC messages, like: Note on triggers CC50 value 127, Note off triggers CC50 value 0. Triggering an envelope would be great, but a single value would also be fine for me. Together with dispatching, this would turn the Nord drum2 into a 6 voice polyphonic synth… (already tried this out with some MIDI plugins in Cubase, works great!)

Single note to CC can already be done using Transform pipes, especially since 1.11.5 firmware version. :slight_smile:

Ok, I should check again, I just saw note number to CC and velocity to CC transformation pipes…

Hello. I vote YES! for midi envelopes (DADSR) from note on.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’d love to see an envelope. My thinking is to have an envelope triggered by the same note as the kick. An inverted envelope could then be sent to control the volume on a synth to mimic side chain pumping! Personally I would be happy to see a first implemenration of this in the LFO with an option to make it single cycle on trig for example. A single cycle sawtooth makes a great decay envelope :slight_smile:

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happy to report that this works great now. A one shot ramp LFO triggered by the kick sending CC to the volume of channels in my 1010music Bluebox :slight_smile:


the ultimate dream would be a Midi ADSR Envelope yes !!!
Like Note On triggers the envelope. You can set each stages (ADSR) and then assign a base CC value (like an offset). This way you can have a starting CC value and then trigger the envelope to a specific new value and have it come back to the base after the envelope time.
That would be AMAZING !!!

Welcome to Midihub, @ahnatek: as well link above, there’s allied discussion on this here…

very cool ! thank you
it seems a lot of people need that feature
hopefully it can be implemented soon :slight_smile:
or someone found a work around ?

I recall (can’t remember which thread…) someone talking about using a one-shot LFO for a single-"stage"of an envelope.

For multiple stages you then need each stage to “trigger” the next.
This can be done, but means jumping through a few hoops!

The other thing, I’ve not been clear on when users ask for an ASDR is whether they’re only thinking mono-phonically. I guess they must be.

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I’ve been thinking about this, too, from the point of view of FM synthesis’ AEG (Amplitude Envelope Generator, e.g. in DX-style FM) because of the simplicity: four rates (0 = slow, 127 = fast), four levels (level 4 is the base env). Trigger could be note on, CC, NRPN, aftertouch, tempo/clock sync, whatever, targets almost as many. Other pipes could be used to control the rates and levels however one wants. Inverted envelopes and other creative things would be possible with it straight out of the box.