Downloaded pipeline verification failed! Error 5

Hi there!

I started to tweak the Midi Hub yesterday. But then today, when I connect my MidiHub to the editor I get this error : Downloaded pipeline verification failed! Error 5.

If I store a dummy patch on the first slot and try to load it, same error.

I don’t know what to do. Thanks!

Hey, @Tomavatars, sorry you’ve run into a problem.
Blokas’ @Giedrius will hopefully pick this up in the working week.

In the meantime, a site Google Search pulled up this topic: Midihub Won't Work and Won't Connect
Although it deals with a different Error number, the advice Giedrius gives there may well apply to your case, so at least you can get ahead of the game in preparation for his real-time help!

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Thanks @resonotter.
I managed to make it work again by flashing the firmware.
I hope everything will be ok tomorrow when I’m turn it on again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent! Maybe do a DeviceExport Everything just in case!

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This has to be a bug somewhere, there shouldn’t be anything possible for a user to do to corrupt the state of the pipeline. We haven’t had any similar reports recently though, so this occurrence seems very rare.

Let us know if it happens again, and if possible any steps or hints how to reproduce the problem.

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