Downgrade firmware

I am having issues which I suspect could be ver 1.12 related (my PC synth midi editor stopped working). How do I downgrade the firmware to 1.11 (or some other firmware version) to check? Installed the 1.11 editor, but when launching that complains that the firmware is not compatible and exits.

You’d have to install the matching editor build and perform the firmware flash procedure while the device is in bootloader mode (power it on while the button is held down). You’ll have to take care of memory contents (presets) yourself, by exporting everything manually.

What sort of PC synth MIDI editor is it? Does it work by sending MIDI data through Midihub?

thanks, will try that in the morning. ZeeEdit - MIDI editor ( and a custom hw midi editor, all midi through MidiHub. Hardware works, but the software refuses to connect.

Try closing MIDI Monitor pane through the View panel, and see if it helps establishing the connection.

Was not able to do the firmware downgrade, seemed to be a mismatch between the 1.11 editor and firmware versions. Anyways, found out that the problem most likely is not with MidiHub, so forget this support request and thanks for a great product.

Are you sure? :slight_smile: There are still chances something might be up with the new firmware, we’d like to see if there’s something to fix on our side.

Try installing the Firmware image and the editor from here:

First install the editor, then do the firmware flashing via bootloader. Also (temporarily) disable automatic check for updates in the Help menu before flashing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for persisting. The fw downgrade worked fine. Indeed the issue was with MidiHub, not fw version related, but unfortunately a user error. I finally realized a very basic and great feature of MidiHub: for midi merge you need to use virtual ports, just having them linked in the editor as physical ports will obviously not work.
Would actually be great if the editor would warn against impossible/potentially non-working connections. Feature request 2: renaming of ports and presets would be very handy.


I assume you meant wasn’t :smiley:

It _was_with MidiHub (and not with the editor software, computer, cables etc included in the troubleshooting), but only due to misuse of the device, by yours truly :smiley:

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Ok, now I got it. :slight_smile: