Cycling 74 teaser

Cycling 74 have posted an intriguing clip featuring a Pisound on FB.


Yup, something interesting is brewing. We don’t have any more details, the video was a nice surprise for us too. Let’s wait and see!


Peter Kirn sounds enthused:

Like Kirn, my guess is that they’ll allow gen~ to build on PatchboxOS? That’d be great! After all, there was a way to get gen~ on MOD Devices, no?

Glad that he specifically pointed out that our beloved devices are low-latency.


There was this at the time. Hope this teaser is something beyond that GitHub - Cycling74/genPi: gen~-exported code on Raspberry Pi

At this point, with the other teasers, my hunch is that they’re somehow embedding FAUST in Max 9.

The most recent video focuses on a compiled external. Faust does that.
Another one was about a plugin coded in JUCE. Faust does that as well.
There’s also a video (using librarian stereotypes, sadly) about a web app. The code is available and the RNBO code sounds to me like it’s compatible with something Faust can produce. I’m less sure about that part.

We’ll likely know in a few days with the C74 meetup coming up.

(afk so it’d take me a few minutes for the links. Others probably have them.)

So RNBO (rainbow) has been officially released yesterday
I’ve tried to export to my RPi (3B with Pisound, running latest Patchbox os) by following the Pi configuration in the rnbo manual it seem that the username must be pi for it to work :thinking:
Patchbox default username is patch so I guess we have to rename to make it work


downloading now!
This looks like a big revolution.

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