Change patch -> pi


do I change the ‘patch’ user with linux command or is there a wizard for this ?
I been looking all over the doc, I cannot find this anywhere


Why do you want to change it into pi? Things could break if the user is renamed, it’s not recommended.

well becos everytime I try to login I forget the blokas labs patchbox user and I spend like an hour trying to figure out why pi is not working anymore like on any of my thousands raspberry pi’s

I dont care about patchbox user branding, it’s counter productive

“Things could break if the user is renamed, it’s not recommended.”

hence my question, from the doc:

All the settings can be changed later by running patchbox and choosing the parameter you want to change

This would probably work: How to Change the Default Account Username and Password– The Pi Hut

Before that, unlink /home/pi folder:

sudo unlink /home/pi

Do it at your own risk. :slight_smile:

well… one can install raspbian and pisound on top of it

so why do you make it sound I am about to create a space-time continuum rupture ?

Some script or module could assume the default user name is patch. We don’t test it with any other username, so if you change it, some unexpected things may stop working. Maybe it will work out just fine, but we don’t know that for sure.

it’s a terrible practice

I agree, but also Linux lacks a bit of utility in this regard - we aim for minimal manual setup by the users, so we have to make some assumptions on what the username is going to be. As a lot of setup processes are running as ‘root’, you can’t easily know which users are the ‘regular’ OS users, that’s normally left for the user to manually configure the software afterwards, which can be quite complicated.

I think the tradeoff of assuming the user is going to be patch is well worth it. :slight_smile: