Change scenes with footswitch

Hallo, iˋm a newby with midihub. So far i use it just to connect my kawai mp7se, yamaha modx and yamaha yc61. At the Modx i can change 1-8 scenes in one liveset/performance with 8 buttons. This i´d like to realize with a normal footswitch (6,3 jack) wich is assigned to cc#3, the scenes cc# is 92
So far i created the following pipes:

  • cc range filter: lets pass through only cc#3
  • cc remap: cc#3 to cc#92
  • rescale: in (low 0, high 127), out (low 16, high 16).

The value ranges to change scenes are 0-15, 16-31, 32-…

With my pipes so far it´s only possible changing from scene 1 to scene 2, but not further on in a cycle (i guess changing scenes backwards ist only possible with a up/down-switch?)

How can i realize it changing scenes step by step from 1 to 8 and back to 1.
Thank you very much helping me with this problem.

What sort of messages does the footswitch produce? Only CC#3 0, and CC#3 127?

Hallo Giedrius,
thanks for your reply.Yes, it produces a cc#3 message with values 0 and 127. The cc# i can assign individually on my modx, i’ve chosen #3

I’ve used the Dispatcher trick to make the same event sequence through channels, and then a line of Transform pipes, each reacting to different channel, to produce a required message.

CC 3 cycle.mhp (453 Bytes)

The scenes will go in sequence, but if you’d like, you can reorder the sequence of scenes you select by changing the output value produced by the Transform pipes, by changing their Argument 2 (it’s the CC value that gets produced)


veeeery nice, @klavierspieler22, consider this solved!


Thank you Giedrius for your patch, i’m extremly curious to check it out this evening :slight_smile:

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Give the dude a like!

@Giedrius each Dispatcher acts independently doesn’t it?
So, if (hypothetically speaking) @klavierspieler22 hooked up a second foot-switch (say CC#4) to one of the other keyboards, one could have a duplicate pipeline going down the scenes?

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Yes, as long as the pipeline was duplicated and adjusted for CC# appropriately.


Big applause!!! It works fantastic with just a small modification. I complemented
CC 3 to 92cycle.mhp (464 Bytes)
a rescale-pipe to rescale cc#3 (footswitch) into cc#92 (scene cc) and changed the Arg 1 to #92 in the following transform-pipes. I would never have come up to this solution on my own. And additionally i became more understanding how midihub/editor works. Tank you very much, also to resonotter for his great effort.

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yes, problem solved. really great!!

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It is an insightful way to use Dispatcher.
Glad it’s got you going.

By the way, I think I’m wrong about this (too)…

second foot-switch … could have a duplicate pipeline going down the scenes?

…cos a “down” wouldn’t start off from the last “up”

Don’t worry about it :wink: I guess this won’t bother me, not to be able going down the scenes from every start point. If i should have a second switch (not yet) may be i’ll let it start from scene 4, so i can decide it is better stepping forwards or backwards.

Going down the scenes works well with using another footswitch assigned to a second keyboard, but as you wrote it doesn’t start off from the last up.

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Check this out:

It will change the programs in both directions by +/-1 slot, CC 3 for up, CC4 for down. The trick is to produce 7 Note On & Off pairs to make the Dispatcher pipe go 7 steps forward, but as the maximum number of steps is 8, the end result is -1. The classic (i + 7) % 8 trick if only addition and modulo operators are available.

CC 3,4 bidirectional cycle.mhp (569 Bytes)

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