Amidiminder problems NDLR MIDIHub

Because I want to connect USB hardware with multiple ports (NDLR+MIDIHub) I was suggested to use amidiminder. So I disabled amidiauto and tried my luck.
I guess amidiminder is running now (sudo sysctl)

But it does not read the rules, not even the test rules

I edited my rules in home/patch/amidiminder, tried to `‘sudo restart amidiminder’ which does not work.
Here is my edit:
#Deluge to MidiHUB1
Deluge MIDI 1 --> Midihub MH-2KMG9CN MIDI 1
#24:0 --> 32:0

#Deluge to NDLR1
Deluge MIDI 1 --> NDLR MIDI 1
#24:0 --> 28:0

#NDLR2 to MidiHUB2
NDLR MIDI 2 --> Midihub MH-2KMG9CN MIDI 2
#28:1 --> 32:1

So I checked:
patch@patchbox:~ $ amidiminder -f -/etc/amidiminder.rules
could not read -/etc/amidiminder.rules

(OS Patchbox on a Raspberry Pi Zero/W)

Thanks for trying amidiminder. I’m just about to put out the first early tester release… so know that you are on the bleeding edge! Mind you, the thing runs, and does it’s job, and I’ve done several live (well, streamed) performances with it, relying on it to do it’s job.

Now, at present, amidiminder reads rules in /etc/amidiminder.rules That’s at the top level. It’ll read those no matter where you run it from (this may change). If you pass -f the next argument should be the path to the file. You’ve given -/etc/amidiminder.rules which starts with - and I suspect is unlikely to be the path of a file.

You don’t say if you are installing the built .deb file, or just building and then running manually. Either is possible - and I’d suggest the later when experimenting.

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I just release the first “ready for early adopter testing” version of amidiminder. The rules logic has been greatly cleaned up and expanded.

Please see this post: Amidiminder utility

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