Amidiauto install error

When I try to run
sudo apt-get install amidiauto

I get an error
E: Unable to locate package amidiauto

I am on buster on Raspberry pi…

any idea?

thank you

You have to setup our APT server to access amidiauto package, see:

Well that link doesn’t work…

How to setup the server?

I installed Amidi and if a run systemctl amidiauto

it says failed in RED…

then if I run Amidi it works but it doesn’t run in background or autostart

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 14.50.11

curl | sh

That’s odd, but yes, it just shows the command as @everNoob posted.

Do you get any error when installing amidiauto? What does sudo systemctl status amidiauto say?

it says this