Ableton link on patchbox os - pd or other

I am trying to get as much connectivity as possible from my raspi4-pisound-patchbox-os-setup to the rest of my tiny home studio. So I’d like to link as much devices as possible via ableton link.

There once was a successful thing in puredata, which I am willing to learn to handle:

But I can’t even find the abl_link~ external in puredata.

My version of pd: 0.50.3
raspi4, patchbox os is buster based

How can I possibly get ableton live up and syncing on my system?

This is untested by me, but you will find that external compiled for arm architecture in many of the critter and guitarri patches for organelle… I would see their implementation to figure out how to get it working.

Again, untested by me… should work on patchbox os

Ok, I will try, thanks for that hint.

You can check this topic on C&G forums -

:+1: thanks for the link. I am busy right now, will definitely check that out.

Ok, I got it up and running. Maybe it’s just due to buster that I had to recompile. Got it from github

and followed simply the instructions, than copied it into pd’s path. Loads of different files. Are they all needed or are some just waste from the make process?

  • abl_link~.cpp
  • abl_link~.hpp
  • abl_link~.o
  • abl_link~.pd_linux
  • abl_link~-help.pd
  • abl_link~instance.cpp
  • abl_link~instance.hpp
  • abl_link~instance.o

Thx for your help, at least it’s running now - :grinning:

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These are the ones you really need, .cpp and .hpp files are source code, the .o are ‘object code’ files that are produced during compilation. They end up linked into the ‘abl_link~.pd_linux’ shared library during the build.

Thank you. Should I upload these files somewhere? And if - where?