Yamaha Disklavier™ Player replacement?

Hello all… I own a Yamaha Disklavier™ Player piano that’s not been played on for over 20 years (what a shame!). At the time of its purchase, I told my wife should we invest in a piano (assuming she would give up piano lessons), I at least wanted to be entertained by it playing itself. I already have setup two Raspberry Pi’s at home used for 3D and CNC applications. I thought, why can’t I get a third to control the piano via the MIDI din interface. I googled and found the Pisound board had been invented!

What I am looking to do is remotely control the MIDI songs and volume output on played on the piano. I know I need Pisound for the MIDI support, what kind of apps have been written already as I described above? I also see over at volumio.org they offer some players, could any of these be used to drive the Pisound board’s MIDI output; or will just the Pisound be enough? Thx, Dennis

Hey, if I understand this right, you want to play MIDI files. In that case players like Volumio won’t work, they only play audio.

You can use MIDI sequencer software to play MIDI files, I don’t have experience with them myself, so I wouldn’t know which one to recommend, but a quick search turned up ‘MidiYodi’ which seems to have some MIDI file management + playback functionality.

Hi !
C&G made a midi file player for the Organelle. Since it’s pure data, maybe you can use it as a base to make your own Pisound/Pd midi file player…