Wine, Rasdpberry, Windows VSTIs

Anybody checked this stuff?
and windows VSTIs?

Hi Ziggy
I frankly think that running WIne on a raspberry unless you really need it is kind of a PITA because of the overhead and what you get from it. I suggest that you explore LV2, LADSPA etc and dive into the amazing world that linux/raspberry provides instead of trying to show horn Vst/Vsti into the linux world.

For example: I tried running lmms [linux mutli media studio] on my Raspi3 with pisound and it works but it’s to olarge of a program and after liek one track and two effects i am back in crackly audio bullshit. – i may try Rosegarden but frankly the Raspberry is awesome for doing ONE thing extremely well and for me that thing is PD or SC or [just recently SAMPLERBOX
I don’t mea to discourage you but i have always felt that my mac and windows are where i run my DAW or if you like run Bitwig on Ubuntu …

my 0.02$

Hi Patrick,
youre right. Yes, Im working with cubase and windows and fast harddrives and everything fine. But I bought the Pisound to do some smaller things where I dont have to fire up a big noisy engine. First thinking as a newbee on Linux I thought that it is possible to run my 32bit Win oldies like Native Instruments B4 with carla on raspberry but now I know that it is not possible because of different architecture of intel and arm. So ok, no way. I have enough professional plugins like Native Instruments Komplete and dont want to waste more time into rocket science. Next step was to try out the communication between my old hardwaresynths and again no way. Programs not really working, other programs not compiled. So everything a little bit frustrating and I think I will sell Pisound and return to my windows world. First look was fine with beautiful AD DA converters, low latency, midi in/out wifi midi, osc, hotspot but I think here the the end of my knowledge in Linux and my time and i`ll give up.

see i consider that way too drastic
Why not use pisound for SuperCollider/Pure Data Effects unit?
Cheaper than most pedals and itś really nice sounding

up to you but i understand what you mean, you wanted to get something but itś not working. I have Kontakt and NI and Ableton and a ton of 32 bit plugins and APPs i loved but you could alsways run a Windows 98 emulator and pretend its 1999, FOr example i used to run KOAN on Window 98 and LOVED it for Algorithmic generative midi A la Brian ENo but now i write my own markov :slight_smile:

native releases for VSTs using VST3 GPL is probably where it is going to go…
I suspect LV2 will die out, as the last thing developers need is another plugin format (which is why it hasn’t done much)

I think it`s time for me to wait and see which way it goes. Think I will switch back beginning of new year to Axoloti, which is laying around since 2 month, buy pots and switches, take some wires and heat up my old soldering iron.
First “headless” experiments where nice.

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Yeah, Axoloti is a very rewarding platform…I think its limitations help define it in some ways, and its IO is good.

once Ive ‘finished’ a software project Im doing, Im hoping to also get a bit more time for some hardware fun… I’ve got quite a bit of hardware sitting around, waiting for this … just need the time :slight_smile:
(I guess that’ll be mainly Axo and Bela… I guess PiSound could be interesting, but needs some extra hardware (arduino?) to get analog IO… and organelle is a closed box)

See you then in the in the new year here or on Axoloti forum. Ive ordered a Keith McMillan Bop Pad which is delayed and I think will arrive in the new year. It is also on my plans to buy a Seaboard in spring and with MPE a lot of things to discuss. Im out this weekend to take care for my old mother over christmas so no response from my side because I don`t have internet at her place. Next try is to find out if is running but this will do my keyboarder for me, because he has a little bit more knowledge in linux. I have ~5 old synmodules sleeping since 15 years under my sofa. Then next routing of Bop Pad through Pisound to a little Norddrum and if it is running with Raspberry OS some sort of linux drumcomputer that understands what Bop Pad is sending. Norddrum 1 is a little bit limited.

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My “main business” is a little bit more outside my home. Still bass player in a band and everything has to fit into a small bag, because rehearsel room is cheap, but dusty and wet so I have to take nearly everything home. Programs for composing are nice, I remember was the name Laurie Spiegel? long time ago was it on Atari? but this is something for at home and to fire up some more old Computers like Mac OS9, Ataris, Win 95, Commodore64 needs space.

the seaboard is nice, I played with one a few months back… strikes a nice balance between expression, and (keyboard) familiarity.
bop pad, ooh… also nice, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with it, in particular its response time, but so far only heard good thing about it. paired up with pisound, or axo will be a fun portable setup :slight_smile:

Yes, these where my last thoughts about Pisound and Bop Pad. Only thing I need is something “modern” running and giving response on Raspberry. Everything fits then into a small bag.
Just playing a wav file and the linuxcroud is celebrating? This is nothing new for me because I had these feelings 30 years ago when connecting an 8bit DA converter to my Commodore64.
So Ill let you know in 2 weeks if the pad arrives in this time and then we see whats up and going.
The converting and routing of USB-Midi from an Alesis pad through Pisound to hardwaresynth was fine,but I dont really know whats up when more data is coming like f.e. a sysex dump. In the moment I try to find some volunteers with better knowledge to do the compiling of ctrlr for Raspberry.

Going to revive this topic because I see it as being really useful to be able to run windows apps because a lot of gear I hook up to my Pisound have Windows apps for patch editing.

I’ve tried a couple methods for putting WINE on raspberry pi but have had little success