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since the pisound is HAT-compatible, it will physically fit on the UP/Upsquared SBC ( Now, if I installed Windows on on such a board, would the pisound work out-of-the-box? Do I need Drivers? Or would this not work at all?

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It won’t work at all at the moment. :slight_smile: A driver for Windows and this board has to be implemented first, unfortunately we don’t have enough human resources to take care of that at the moment.

So our main target is Raspberry Pi and Linux for now.

p.s. The driver source code itself is open source, so as long as the resulting driver for Windows is released using GPLv2 compatible license, anyone could try to take a stab at it. :wink: The Linux driver source code is available here:

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Thanks for the quick reply, @Giedrius! I am a Pythonista myself and won’t be of much support for writing a driver for Windows, but in terms of LOC it does not seem to be overwhelmingly much (plus, it’s very clean and self-documenting). Well done! :+1:

@eggsperde have you tried UP with PiSound and MODEP? Did it worked? On Ubuntu for example…


Hi @vedranius, sorry mate I don’t own a UP but asked because I wanted to buy one if the PiSound was known to be compatible.