Will this work?

But seriously, here is my first proposal of use for the midi hub. Maybe one of you good guys/gals can look this over and see if it will work?

Here’s the layout…

Live rig set up:
Midi in A from the Impulse, splits via virtual bus A to Midi outputs A - D and USB A.
Midi out goes to MPC, B to Evolver, then Tetra C to outboard FX, Pro 1, Perfomer-VE, D to Roland JV1010.
Midi is respectively filtered to the receiving channels of each device.
USB A is unfiltered and merges midi from both the Impulse and the MPC, and sent to the computer.
Midi in D is from the MPC and merges via virtual bus B with bus A.


Yes, this looks like it should work. :slight_smile: