WiFi totally goes out

I’m on my 4th re-creation of the MODEP drive. Each time I set it up, it works great for around an hour, then just dies. The MODEP WiFi signal drops out, and no matter how many times I cut power to the device and restart it, it won’t light back up. I’ve got it setup in headless mode with no monitor, so I can’t see what’s happening and presume I can’t log into it via SSH since it isn’t throwing a WiFi signal.

Am I missing an update or something else? Any recourse here or workaround?

Hey, welcome to the forums. There’s a bunch of moving parts when we are talking about the WiFi, so you will probably have to get it plugged in with an ethernet cable, to get SSH access, and investigate what is going on.

I’ve ran in to some problems with the MODEP WiFi and upgrades in the past (though that should be resolved now), and I wrote up a thing with some info and troubleshooting ideas: MODEP, Pisound, WiFi, and You

Without at least some access to the system to poke at what’s wrong, there’s not a good way to tell what’s happened to your WiFi.

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Also, you should make sure the system is booting at all, keep an eye on the green LED on Raspberry Pi - if it does not blink at all after power is plugged in, then the SD card may have gotten corrupted, this is usually caused by too weak power supply or bad contact at the micro USB port.