Why are patchbox OS download links so slow that I cannot download?

Hi, There seems to be an issue for me downloading the 2022 Bullseye-based Patchbox OS image.

Is there something up with the dl.blokas.io server? From here in Tucson, AZ, it’s showing me that it would take days to download.



The server status looks to be fine at this moment. Are you still having issues?

Yes, it still says it will take more than a day to download

It doesn’t look to be a server problem, as the server’s (located in Lithuania) upload speed reaches 112MB/s when uploading to Germany, I don’t think it’s likely for there to be some huge bottleneck for intercontinental transfers somewhere that could impact many users.

It’s likely some localized issue with the path between the server’s ISP and your ISP. You could try contacting your ISP and ask them to check if there’s any routing or configuration issues to reach our server.

Yes, I was considering that I might need to use a proxy server somewhere that there might not be a routing issue with.

I will do some traceroute sniffing and see what the issue might be.