What make/model SD card do you have in your Pisound? And have you ever had a crash or boot issue with your Pisound or does it work as expected?

After a bunch of troubleshooting I have come to the conclusion that my issues are likely because of the type of SD card I am using in my Pi3 with my Pisound. My issues are booting issues and overall stability.

Can you all post how solid your setup is and what make/model of SD card you have? I need to get a new one that doesn’t malfunction when the Pi heats up and within operating range (up to 80 C).

My bad card is a Samsung EVO Pro 32GB. What is yours and does it work well? Do you have any unexplained issues?

See this post here, Pi won't boot with PiSound attached, for my troubleshooting journey to arrive at asking this question.

Hi there,

I’ve been using this card without any issue or overheating. I’m also using the PiSound/Pi3/and PiSound Case without any heatsink:

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Appreciate you sharing this! Which capacity are you using?

It’s still fairly new to me, but so far using the pisound for a class project to build an instrument/interface/processor that uses pure data running on the pi.

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Thanks. Do you know if you got the 32gb, 64gb, etc?

Oh sorry, it’s 32gb.

Awesome, gonna order one of those exact ones to confirm my issue!

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We’ve used simple Kingston 16GB U1 ones, SanDisk Extreme 32GB U3, SanDisk Ultra 64GB U1, we didn’t encounter any similar issues. :slight_smile:

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