What is blokas-telemetry?

What is


It’s our package that provides us anonymous information about the use of Patchbox OS, information like software versions of our key software like patchbox-cli, pisound-btn, and which Patchbox module is being used. As you can guess, such information is useful to us, so we don’t make decisions completely blinded. :slight_smile:

I am a bit queasy about that.

Did I agree to it during installation?

I have looked around the Blokaslabs github and cannot find it there. Where is the source for it?


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Yeah, I’m not particularly quesy about it myself, but it seems a legitimate concern and I don’t understand why the source (at least for the client side) wouldn’t be public.

Hi @worik @xinaes, blokas-telemetry lets us see weekly active users, patchbox module versions, the percentage of sessions with Pisound attached, and Raspberry Pi models distribution.

With these entirely anonymous data points, we can make at least a bit more informed decisions on future updates. Otherwise, we would be poking into the dark as download numbers alone are misleading.

The question here is less about open/closed source than trust and transparency. No public repository with source code would make an anonymity-focused person feel fully confident without analyzing the actual network traffic in this case.

Regarding openness and transparency, we will do a better job informing users regarding this and providing clear instructions for interested parties to opt-out with the upcoming OS release.

Out of curiosity, as we already touched on the trust aspect, maybe there is some additional information you feel we could publicize about ourselves, the company, Lithuania even to boost the community’s confidence in Blokas?


Not really. While the presence of a source repository does not establish trust, the absence destroys it. That is the thing about trust: Hard to build easy to destroy

See above. A source repository for all your binaries would be helpful.

is that even DSGVO conform? I dislike apps sending data from my devices. That’s why I use linux. And don’t use Microsoft … Adobe etc. products.

At least put a disclaimer. Also boot times are affected. I need a fast system.

sudo systemd-analyze blame     ─╯
          9.805s blokas-telemetry.service