What am I doing wrong?

Hello to everyone. Absolute Midihub newbie here.

I like to share my problem with the community and bring some light to my midi issues. My setup is very easy: Logic (with external midi instrument) sends midi data thought usb to Midihub and then from Midihub to moog matriarch (or prophet) via midi din cable. Everything works fine, but I am a little bit confused that it works without using any pipes in Midihub editor (there is a blank “page”). But it works (light on Midihub A port blinks in project bpm or in actual midi data flow). Even if I make a connection in editor (input USB A to midi A) nothing changed. Even If I bypassed connections, everything works. Long story short: moog is playing midi data in all situations when Midihub is powered on. My issue is that I can’t use modifiers or filters at all, moog is playing still the same notes from Logic and I’m stuck in step two of tutorial (New to Midihub: Step-by-Step.02: sending out messages). Please, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance. Greetings from Slovakia!


Hi Paul,

In case the Midihub’s preset is entirely empty, it implicitly works as a basic USB MIDI 4 in 4 out interface. As soon as you place a single pipe, the behavior entirely from then on depends on what you have in your preset.

If it seems the Midihub is not reacting to any changes, make sure you clicked the “Connect” button, look at the bottom right of the main window, you should see text like “Midihub MH-… 1.13.2 is in sync”. Otherwise, if it says “Midihub is not connected.”, it means you’re in offline editing mode.

in pictures @PPSS :

if you see this …
…click it!

then this…
…means you’re connected and your Midihub will behave like it should in Step-by-Step.02

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