Volume curve of the volume knob


I know it’s not ideal … possibly tho related to it: I set up my rpi5 with pisound (squeezy tight fit) and with my headphones (not ideal since pisound just outputs line level). At full volume my BeyerDynamic 770 Pro are outputting loud enough volume.

BUT … I just realized (again) how weirdly the curve of the volume knob is on the pisound. Basically: The first 5% of the knob are silence to a bit of sound – then from 5% to 50% almost nothing happens then there is a bit of a curve to hear and the last 10% ramp up so quickly. So it seems there is a logarithmic curve. Is that in hardware? Can I change it? It’s super annoying tbh :smiley:


The Volume potentiometer that is used for output is audio/logarithmic one, which gives quite a linear feel to audio gain adjustments (human audio perception is logarithmic).

The Gain graph which is used for input is a bit unique however, to accommodate a wide range of input devices, from line level ones, to instruments like guitars, the gain graph is available here: Audio - Pisound Documentation

The Volume knob that I just tried with a pair of headphones seems to work just fine in naturally adjusting the volume.

Are you playing some audio through software? Or are you listening to something connected to the Pisound’s Input port?

I wonder if it’s possible the factory accidentally swapped the potentiometers on your unit. :slight_smile: Haven’t ever seen this yet, but it’s worth to double check - the Gain potentiometer should be the one that has a fixation position at the center of the turn, while the Volume potentiometer has no such fixations.