Volca Keys Dispatcher

Hi, I just bought a second Volca Keys hoping I could turn the 3-voice synth into a 6-voice synth.
The dispatcher doesn’t appear to be working as I’d hoped as it seems to only send one note to each midi channel. When I play more than 2 notes I get nothing. I was hoping it would continue to round robin notes each time I play new keys and let the synths drop voices as they reach their limits.

I’ve attached the patch I made below.
Volca Keys Dispatcher.mhp (198 Bytes)

Hey, try this:

Volca Keys Dispatcher_2.mhp (198 Bytes)

I’ve made Dispatcher pipe use channels 1-6, the first 3 channels get sent to Channel 6 on MIDI A, the other 3 channels get sent to Channel 14 on MIDI B.


That worked perfectly. You’re a wizard Giedrius!
Thank you again!

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Not having any luck using this patch on a pair of Volca FMs. I only hearing sound on one Volca (when it is set to channel 1) and I hear nothing when I set them to channel 6 and 14 respectively. I’m also not seeing any information sent to MIDI OUT B, the light isn’t lighting up when I press more than 3 keys. Has the functionality of these pipes changed since this patch was made? Would really like this to work.

EDIT: I figured it out. I didn’t realize the midi input device needed to be on Ch 6. I had assumed the 6 was somehow related to the filtered outputs, but this is also my first time using the midihub editor.

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