VLC Midi playback over pisound?

Hey there,

I installed VLC on my raspberry patchbox for easy audio/midi playback.
Unfortunately, the midi files only play back using the internal Sound Fonts.

I wonder how I could route the VLC midi out to the pisound Midi Out hardware somehow …


Hi, looks like VLC does not have a MIDI output that’s not audio based. I’ve tried searching for some alternative with GUI, but didn’t find anything suitable quickly enough. Here’s a working command line program that can be used via ssh or terminal window:

sudo apt install pmidi

Get list of devices:

pmidi -l


 Port     Client name                       Port name
 14:0     Midi Through                      Midi Through Port-0
 24:0     pisound                           pisound MIDI PS-1S1B5RG
130:0     RtMidiIn Client                   TouchOSC Bridge

Play a MIDI file using Pisound’s output:

pmidi -p 24:0 path/to/midi_file.mid

Stop playback by pressing Ctrl+C

Hmmmm… This is a pity.

The thought is to connect to the pisound via patchbox using VNC (to get an X surface) and then to be able to start simple and without further ado a midi playback.
I am afraid the use of a command line interface will exceed the capabilities of the user involved - our vicar … the concept would be to start MIDI playback of our main organ in the church, and thus we would need a simple “playlist” capability. I wiould be grateful for further ideas.

Thanks and greetings

Try out the MIDI software listed on http://linux-sound.org/midi.html, I’m sure you’ll find a player that will fit your needs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint - Yes, XPmidi is basically what I need. And guess: It works!

Have a great day!

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Great! :slight_smile:

Odd, I can’t find any screenshots of the software on the internet! Any chance you could upload one here? :slight_smile: