'Verifying it works' test fails

Hi, I have setup PiSound using the instructions listed. running pisound-config produces the correct result, and I can d/l audio software. However, the next part of the setup where you type

arecord -l

amidi -l

and so on fails. The problem appears to be the ALSA driver. It says

ALSA lib conf.c:1970:(_snd_config_load_with_include) toplevel:18:1:Unexpected char
ALSA lib conf.c:3817:(config_file_open) /home/pi/.asoundrc may be old or corrupted: consider to remove or fix it

There are two more lines (with number c:3739, c:4293) that I can’t include because i’m typing it out rather than copy-pasting.

For card 0, card 1, card 2 and so on it returns ‘invalid argument’, then the same list of found errors (cc:1970, c:3817, c:3739, c:4293)

I’m grateful for any help.


You should try renaming this file to a temporary one, there’s something wrong with it. It store some ALSA configurations, but it’s optional, you may as well not have the file there at all, only if you’re customizing something.

Try doing this:

mv /home/pi/.asoundrc /home/pi/.asoundrc.bak

It will rename it to .asoundrc.bak, so the ALSA utilities don’t consider the file at all. Then retry the amidi, aplay and arecord commands.

This worked – thank you!

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