VCV rack keeps crashing when connecting to midihub

VCV rack keeps crashing whenever I try to connect it to midihub. No idea why, but here’s the error log it spits out

[16.635 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\Users\zduec\OneDrive\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/Fundamental/res/Random.svg
[16.635 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/ComponentLibrary/LEDSliderHandle.svg
[16.635 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/ComponentLibrary/LEDSliderHandle.svg
[16.636 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/AudioInterface.svg
[16.784 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/AudioInterface16.svg
[16.786 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/MIDI-CV.svg
[16.786 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/MIDI-CC.svg
[16.787 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/MIDI-Gate.svg
[16.788 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/MIDI-Map.svg
[16.789 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/CV-MIDI.svg
[16.790 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/CV-CC.svg
[16.790 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/Core/CV-Gate.svg
[26.929 fatal src/main.cpp:45] Fatal signal 22. Stack trace:
26: ZN4rack10appDestroyEv 0x456435
25: raise 0x2b08ac60
24: abort 0x2b08f270
23: ZN9__gnu_cxx27__verbose_terminate_handlerEv 0x6fc5f170
22: ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE 0x6fc581b0
21: ZSt9terminatev 0x6fd302b0
20: _cxa_throw 0x6fd39080
19: ZN7MidiApi5errorEN11RtMidiError4TypeENSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE 0x733d52
18: ZN11MidiInWinMM8openPortEjRKNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE 0x7366e2
17: ZN4rack12RtMidiDriver14subscribeInputEiPNS_4midi5InputE 0x74b050
16: ZN4rack4midi5Input11setDeviceIdEi 0x48080c
15: ZN4rack2ui8MenuItem8doActionEv 0x4a49ae
14: ZN4rack5event5State12handleButtonENS_4math3VecEiii 0x4576c8
13: ZN4rack7updater17isUpdateAvailableEv 0x45914e
12: glfwPlatformUnlockMutex 0x4d78ae
11: CallWindowProcW 0x2c7658c0
10: CallWindowProcW 0x2c7658c0
9: glPushClientAttrib 0x116c3770
8: CallWindowProcW 0x2c7658c0
7: DispatchMessageW 0x2c765480
6: glfwPlatformPollEvents 0x4daf66
5: ZN4rack6Window3runEv 0x4594ea
4: main 0x781840
3: main 0x781840
2: main 0x781840
1: BaseThreadInitThunk 0x2bdd7bc0
0: RtlUserThreadStart 0x2cf8ce30

Hi, what do you do to trigger this crash within VCV rack? v1.1.6 seems to work ok so far for me.

Ok, looks like I can reproduce this error simply by first opening Midihub’s ports in another program, then trying to open the same ‘used’ port in VCV rack. MIDI ports on Windows work exclusively with a single program at a time, so VCV rack should simply report a ‘port is busy’ sort of error, but instead it crashes. It should be fixed within VCV rack.

To work around the error - reconfigure your software to each use different MIDI ports. First start and configure VCV rack, then start and configure the rest of the software.

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I kinda thought that was the problem but it was still crashing even when i closed midihub editor first and couldn’t think of what other programs might be accessing midi… apparently novations component website, even though not the port i was trying to talk to was the culprit as once i killed all my tabs it seemed to be fine.


The Midihub Editor does not use MIDI at all, so don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

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