Using the Pi without monitor?


I can use VNC like should, but not without a monitor connected to the Pi. Then I get a black screen in VNC viewer, installed on imac, telling no display is attached on the Pi (which is true then), but that’s just the point. How to configure this (now with latest OS version and updates) ?
(Ealier rasp-config version in some tutorial, had a selection at the Display tab, to disable the monitor.)

(I probebly posted this in the wrong section before, in a tutorial, sorry.)

Which OS are you running? Previously it was enough to set hdmi_force_hotplug=1 option in /boot/config.txt, so the system assumes a display is connected, which is preset in Patchbox OS, but in the latest Raspberry Pi OS release it seems like this option is no longer available.


It’s the Patchbox OS, latest update and upgrade.

Ok, this helps : “set hdmi_force_hotplug=1 option”.


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