Using sfizz with modep (modep as a sampler)

hello there,

i’ve been exploring different ways to use my rpi setup as a simple sampler and one solution that would seem pretty convenient might be using the modep module and use lv2 plugins.

now i’ve managed to build sfizz with the incredible mod-plugin-builder from falktx and i think it works? at least it appears in the mod-web-gui and can be connected and configured. i’m wondering if anyone can tell me how to add and change samplebanks with this lv2 plugin. i’ve checked in the Resources folder of the sfizz.lv2 plugin and there is a DefaultInstrument.sfz, tried adding samplebanks there but i don’t know if there is a way to select them from the mod-gui. did anyone use this plugin yet and knows where it expects samplebanks and how to select them or does anyone know of good alternatives?


Hey, I haven’t used it, and peeked at the documentation, but I can’t find information about that either. I looked at the code, this part seems to be loading the sfz file based on ‘sfzfile’ property, which expects an absolute file path.

Could you post a screenshot of how it looks like in MOD UI and a screenshot of the settings screen opened (the little gear icon that appears when mouse is over the plugin)

it’s just a generic pedal, settings are on the second screen, i don’t think it’s the preset list, that’s a modep thing, so maybe there currently isn’t a way to load banks with this lv2 plugin? it is playing a default instrument though, so it is supposedly working.

Maybe text parameters are not being exposed by the MOD UI. One trick you could try is to actually change the default path and rebuild (or even just overwrite the actual default file on your system).

There’s some code that indicates that it’s supposedly reacting to currently loaded file changes.

hmm, it’s very weird - with some banks it works but with most it does not output anything. the biggest issue though is that it crashes my system a lot, so i guess it’s not really an option right now. thanks a lot for your suggestions, guess i’ll have to check out other options for a solid sampling solution.


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