Using Pi Sound with the Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen


I’m hoping that this is a simple question to answer. I’ve got a Pi with the Raspberry Pi 7" and wondered if there’s an easy way to use a Pi Sound with this kind of set up?

Any help is gratefully received.



Hi, it should be possible to use while Pisound is connected, however, you’ll have to hook up 5V and GND pins to the Pisound’s header holes, either by using jumpers with ‘female’ - ‘male’ configuration and soldering, or solder a 2x7 header on the Pisound and use the ‘female’ - ‘female’ jumpers to make the connection.

For the FPC cable, Pisound has a cutout hole above the DSI port.


Or if you don’t mind the redundancy: I found that powering the TouchScreen and the Raspberry both via their microUSB socket individually will allow to simply connect the Pisound via the standard GPIO method. This may be useful for more temporary setups or prototyping.