Using multiple midi hubs

I have been using a MIDIHub for quite some time. I also have two MOTU lite interfaces. The two MOTU interfaces do not know each other and enumerate differently each time the computer boots up. This means that MOTU-A can be one or the other based on boot-time. MOTU tells me there is no way to force each one to enumerate consistently.

So… can I run more than 1 MIDIhub and they will remember which one is which?

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Every Midihub has a unique serial number in its USB device name. It works just fine on Linux and Mac OS. Windows has a bug where it isn’t always properly differentiated. For working around the Windows issue, I can send you a special firmware image with the USB vendor id and product id changed, so Windows correctly treats it as a unique device instance, and then it lists it properly all the time.

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Hi everyone, I ordered 2 midi hubs yesterday and would like to use all three under Windows, can you provide me with the firmware version?!