Using midi ccs for more than one function?

hello again,

i’ve been trying to set-up a few pedalboards on modep and because of limited controls/buttons i wanted to map more than one function onto the same buttons, for example to control parameters on different plugins with the same encoder or in the simplest case to activate two mono plugins in a stereo-chain with only one button.

i dont think this is currently possible with inside the web interface, is it possible to do this in another way, maybe config editing or something? or is this not possible in the current environment?


another question that just popped up while writing was if it is theoretically possible to extend the functionality of buttons like you have in many modern pedals, e.g. to have different reactions when you double-tap a button, or long-press, or press two at once?

Hey, looks like it’s a limitation of MOD software:

But I’ve seen some users on the internet duplicating a MIDI CC change to another number, and this way controlling multiple parameters at once.

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