Using Jack Audio Output with Pulse Audio (2022-05-17)

Hi there,
I’m trying to send audio to a bluetooth speaker from a PureData patch on the latest patchbox build (2022-05-17). Previously, I used this guide and it worked like a charm. But this doesn’t seem to work on the latest patchbox build.

I’m thinking maybe I should use pulseaudio for this. So the audio route looks like pureData → jack → pulseaudio (bluetooth).

I’ve tried bunch of things but haven’t really been able to figure things out. This is how my jack routing setup looks like.

I’ve been able to connect to the bluetooth speaker and playaudio on it through pulseaudio by setting the default sink to my bluetooth device.

pacmd set-default-sink bluez_sink.00_02_3C_36_71_30.a2dp_sink

With that routing setup, there’s no sound either from the local sound card or the bluetooth speaker. Can somebody guide me on how I should approach this?