Using current cc value to set an output range

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible to read the current incoming cc and use it as a mapping range?

I have a Faderfox UC4 that is controlling multiple (mostly Elektron) machines and I would like to use the Midihub to create Macros. To illustrate my case, here is an example…

I would like to use one of the knobs on the UC4 to sweep a filter on a Track on the Digitakt from its current value to the maximum. When I change patterns, the current value of the filter will update, so the mapping range needs to update to reflect this.

This would be CC 74 on CH 6. Say the current value is 34, I would like to set the Out Low parameter on Rescale to 34. When I switch pattern, the value of the filter would change, let’s say it’s 63. The Out Low parameter on Rescale should now change to 63 (based on incoming cc).

Is this possible? Thanks for your help!

@swarm hey Simon,
I’m not sure if I understand what’s mapping to what here:
If say, you want cc74 (34~127) then (63~127) then you’ll need some other event to set that Out Low for you: when you “switch pattern”, is anything sent (Program Change, Song Select)? If so, you might* be able to Transform this event to set your Out Low.
Gimme a bit more detail and I’ll take look (in less than a fortnight, I promise)!

Hey, thanks so much for the reply. Yes, in the meantime, I realised that there is a fatal flaw in my idea… It’s not possible to have the Digitakt to send the state of its parameters on a program change.

Back to the drawing board!

@swarm Wait, though Simon, if Digitakt is sending program changes, there might be a way:

  • If the Digitakt is sending a PC value a for “pattern A” and b for “pattern B” then you can use Transform (& maybe rescale) to
  • change these to CC values x and y as your Out Lows *
  • (If you’ve got more than two patterns, you’d need to get a bit nerdy in choosing your PCs (if poss) to maintain your correspondence!)

This make sense?
* (you’d also need a physical loopback, but that’s for later…)

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As your Faderfox looks pretty flexible, Simon, the other thing maybe to look at is whether you change its presets/ patterns with an external command. if so, you could look into getting Midihub to translate “Digitakt: I’m changing to A now” into “Faderfox: switch to setting bank X”
(As long as it’s not via Sysex)
Just a thought.

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