Using computer keyboard in PD in headless autologin console mode

I have a PD patch that uses the computer keyboard to trigger sounds.
I would like to use it in autoboot mode without the desktop.
But it seems that without the desktop the computer keyboard is not working.
Is there a way to enable keyboard support in de console autologin PD module ?

It depends on how the keyboard reading is done - if it’s accessing the raw input event device directly, it should be possible, it could also ‘grab’ it, so the input goes exclusively to the PD process and nothing into the console.

If it’s implemented in some other way, like through some GUI APIs, then it won’t work without desktop.

I’m simply using the key object in PD.
Could you point me to a way to get te raw input or or grab the keyboard?

I don’t know of which object to use instead, I’d look for some PD external library dealing with HID (human input devices) or keyboards explicitly.

“sudo apt-get install pd-hid” and then in PD [hid] object


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