Use MIDI note to control Pedal instead of CC

Hi Everyone,

I’m just wondering if it was possible to control a “pedal” using midi notes instead of CC messages. I can’t figure it out but this feature is probably not available and its probably not best practice for MIDI. What I’m trying to do is control Sooperlooper pedal with one of the sequencers. This would let me record a loop of a fixed length. A CC sequencer would work but that’s probably ridiculous.

I have a workaround by using the “MIDI note to CC” device but I seem to need an instance for every note that I wish to use. Sooperlooper has 5 midi assignable controls so if I were to use multiple instances of the looper and the “MIDI note to CC” device things get very complicated very quickly.

Any help would be great.


Hey, AFAIK, MOD does not have support to react to MIDI notes for parameter changes, so you’ll have to use some solution that converts them to CC.

Which MIDI note to CC device are you using?

Hi Thanks for the reply. I can use MIDI notes inside a DAW but its probably not the best practice.

I’m using the device in the picture. It is literally callled “MIDI note to CC x42” it seems to only do one note at a time.


For what it worth… If I choose the last setting on the “MIDI Note to CC” this seems to accomplish what I need with out needing multiple instances. Here is a simplified version of my set up 1 bar record & 1 bar playback.

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