USBMIDI using Teensy 3.1

I have a very noob question. Can I build USBMIDI using Teensy 3.1 and the Blokas Code?

Hey, looks like Teensy does not support Arduino’s Pluggable USB API, it has its own USB implementation. So our USB MIDI library (meant for boards supporting Pluggable USB API as well as chips with no built-in USB support at all, via V-USB library) can’t be used as-is.

But it’s definitely possible to build an equivalent project just with Teensy, using its own USB MIDI. The non-USB code, like reading potentiometers and buttons, should work as is.

Thx @Giedrius for your answer. The example you sent is perfect! thx again

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I built my controller with Arduino Uno and very little knowledge. See the description of the video to show the instructable.

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