USB MIDI Serial Converter

Wondering if this could be configured to take a USB midi serial in to Midi out or vice versa
Something like this.

Hey, sure, that’s pretty easy to do using ‘aconnect’ ALSA utility. After plugging in the USB MIDI controller to the Raspberry Pi, aconnect -l can be used to list the ALSA midi ports, and then something like:

aconnect 12:0 20:0
aconnect 20:0 12:0

would forward the MIDI data to and from pisound’s serial MIDI ports to the USB MIDI device. The 12:0 and 20:0 numbers would be based on the output of aconnect -l command.

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A more graphical approach would be to use aconnectgui utility program to connect the MIDI ports as you wish.

this is awesome thanks smart person!

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