USB MIDI problem in windows 10

Hello, I love the midihub because I can setup all my MIDI in an oldschool / wired way. I route everything through the midihub and then only use one midi input in Cubase (midihub usb a).

The problem is, since windows 10 update 20h2, Cubase won’t get any midi messages from midihub, until I turn midihub on and off many times. It’s not a Cubase problem, because in Ableton Live and Kontakt standalone I have the same problem. I can see the midihub in my devices, but it will not recieve information.
I don’t know what it is, since everything else is working fine, and this problem didn’t appear before. I suspected windows to be the problem, as usual, but all other midi devices work fine.

many thanks

update: nevermind, it happens with other devices as well (only the ones that use generic windows driver usbaudio.sys).
Now I have it set up so that everything from midihub goes to my RME PCIe card via standard MIDI cable. that works great.
I’ve had many many issues with windows usb midi.

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Ok, thank you for the report. We’ll keep an eye out for similar issues.

Did you every try checking the integrity of the system using DISM and SFC tools? It helped me recover from some bad states a couple of times. :slight_smile: Here’s a random guide from the internet which seems to outline the steps alright:

I have the same issue on my Lenovo laptop that’s running on Windows 20H2. none of my midi devices appear in the DAWS. Is there any way to fix this? I took a look at the link that Giedrius left but it didn’t really make sense to me :smiley: This is getting really annoying.

Yeah, sorry to hear that. The Generic MIDI USB driver in Windows was never perfect, but the new Windows update made it worse. For me, MIDI was only 100% stable when the manufacturers had their own drivers (RME, ESI, Arturia…)