USB input not working after update & resolution change

Did an sudo update && sudo upgrade.
Then trying to fix the screen resolution. Enabled underscan to see if it would make anything different. Prompted to reboot so I did that.

No connection of mouse nor keyboard. Unconnect and reconnect. Nothing. Can’t do anything now…

What the fucking fuck is this crap!?

Was the updates and resolution change made both in a single session, then you restarted, and the input stopped working? Or did the input stop working only after enabling underscan?

You probably can still access your system using ssh.

I did the update and after the reboot changed underscan (mouse worked). After reboot mouse and keyboard gone.

Might be voltage setting changed. There are some threads out there reporting similar/same issues.

Not sure about SSH. Unsure about login/password. Otherwise unmount sd-card and look into the config file hopefully works…

I think you can change underscan settings by editing the config.txt on the SD card on another computer.

Use ssh patch@ip_address, default password is blokaslabs, but you may have changed it.

Thanks for your guidance! Appreciate it a lot. Am I able to figure out the ip adress of my RPi 4 from my other computer as well, before going further with SSH?

Check this tutorial out: Raspberry Pi: Find Raspberry Pi's IP Address

I usually find the IP out via my WiFi router. Normally, routers prefer to assign the same IP to the same device, so this doesn’t have to be done often.

Thanks! Will do and report back if I reach an solution.