Unmapping? - a MIDI mapped Pipe parameter

Can’t find info about how to unmap, say a MIDI CC by mistake to a mapped Pipe parameter .

When a parameter is mapped, it has a little triangle on the left of its row, expand it, and it will show all of the mapped controls. Each line has an ‘unmap’ button.

I had questioned myself about that little square on the right…
Nothing happens when I click on it?!?!
macosx Mojave (10.14.6)
Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 15.01.35

The square marks pipes that have mapped parameters, the unmapping itself should be done in Properties panel.

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Ok, understood.
Saved preset, Closed Editor, open back, and I can now see what’s Midi mapped in a parameter (believe me, this was not showing)


Let us know if you find a way to reproduce the issue, I don’t think I’ve encountered it myself. :slight_smile:

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