Unipolar / Bipolar

When I map a CC (from an CC LFO) via a Midi loopback cable to the Transpose block’s semitones - I would like to get e.g. 0…12 semitones instead of -6…+6
The rescale block does not help in this case neither.

Is there another trick - or is this a missing feature?

Hey, can you post the preset you currently have?

Sorry I have erased that preset.

But it’s a general problem - e.g. when I want to transpose via external CC I have to send CC value 64 to get no transpose as result.
My Midi pedal was setup to send values from 0…12 (to transpose 0…12 steps up).
So I have to relearn all the keys from my pedal to be able to send values from 64…76 to do the trick.

We plan to add some additional controls on the MIDI mapped parameters to define the ranges they operate in, in a future update.