Unable to upgrade 1.13.1 firmware to 1.13.2 "Failed Upgrading Presets"

The new editor appears to still work and connect to the device, but I cannot update the firmware.

Hey, could you send us (hello@blokas.io, PM me or just attach here) a couple of the most recent Midihub backups that are automatically created on firmware upgrade? You can find them here on Windows: C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Local\Blokas\Midihub Editor, and on Mac here: ~/Library/Application Support/Blokas/Midihub Editor/.

The files should help us see what’s up. :slight_smile:

Midihub Editor.zip (14.1 KB)

Hi, there was some invalid configuration of pipes stored in preset 3, the 2nd pipe from the top left was an Input pipe, while it’s not legal for it to be in that position. I don’t know how and when that could have happened, but if anyone encounters similar problems, let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ve edited the pipe to be a Note Remap at this time to make the preset valid again, you may be able to fix it up to what it was supposed to be originally. :slight_smile:

rtmusic_fixed.mhd (9.4 KB)

This is the problematic pipe:

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I cleared that 3rd preset error and the firmware updated successfully, thank you! :grinning: