Turn two 8 voice synths into one 16 voice synth

Hi. I’m new here. I’m really happy with my first MIDI Hub, it solved a problem nothing else could, which is really satisfying. Fairly easy matter of filtering and sending the right stuff to the right outputs.

I’m thinking of buying a second MIDI Hub to solve a different problem.
I will have two identical 8 voice synthesizers, both with their own keys & controls (I have one, will be getting a second). They can both have Local Off, with their own MIDI Channels. Let’s say Synth.Ch.5 plugged into Input/Output B & Synth.Ch.6. plugged into Input/Output C.

MIDI Hub’s main output A goes to a sequencer that repeats the MIDI data back to the MIDI Hub’s main input A to be played by the two synths: Input A sends Ch.5. to Synth.Ch.5 on B and Ch.6 to Synth.Ch.6 on C. This is important for recording and/or play back from the sequencer.

I’m unsure how to set up a pipe from say Synth.Ch.5 Input B and send 8 notes to Ch.5 and the next 8 notes to Ch.6, then the next 8 notes to Ch.5, etc. Which then goes to MH’s Output A. (Repeated back by the sequencer to MH’s Input A)

There will be poly aftertouch & note off which need to be directed in the same channel as the notes on goes. CCs and occasional PCs as well - I’m guessing these could simply go to both channels.

Hopefully that’s a clear description. Any help would be great.

If I have to duplicate all poly aftertouch messages to both channels, along with note off, it’s going to create double the traffic for the sequencer.
So I’m thinking I’d simply take Synth.ch.5 output and send it output A. Take synth.ch.6 output rechannel it to 5 and merge that with the output A. Then I can use both keyboards over different ranges.
The sequencer would just get CH.5 information, possibly record it, sending it back regardless to be played.
Then all the work would be done from Input A → 8 note ons to one synth ch.5 output B, 8 notes to ch.6 output C, swapping between them. Or if that’s not possible, swapping between each note - probably doesn’t matter.

If there’s no elegant way to handle poly aftertouch or note off, then simply send them to both synths ch.5 & ch.6 Output B & C.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this thread

But I gather there is a way to use note release to trigger an event… I think, I didn’t quite get how this was being done. Being able to just send the poly aftertouch & note off to the correct channel for that note would be preferable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, the Dispatcher pipe does what you require, including handling of Poly Aftertouch messages.

Here’s how to use it, rougly:

FROM MIDI ACHANNEL FILTER (keep only Ch. 5 and Ch. 6) → DISPATCHER (all channels enabled) → TO VIRTUAL A

Treat (1-8 → 5-5) above as In Low: 1, In High: 8, Out Low: 5, Out High: 5, what it does is drop the rest of the channels not included in the input range, and remap them to exactly 5.

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That’s a lot simpler than what I thought I needed to do.
Thank you very much.

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