Trying to connect an Arduino to my PC

I have a midihub, connected to my PC which is doing great work & it’s helpful being connected to the windows machine as I’m still tinkering with the pipes on it.

But if I connect an Arduino to the same machine the Arduino software sees the midihub and stops there, doesn’t find my actual Arduino.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

The Arduino software is listing all COM ports it finds on the system, so that’s why it shows Midihub there. :slight_smile:

What is the Arduino model you have? Check Device Manager when connected, see if its driver gets loaded properly.

Thanks for the reply, it’s probably more of an Arduino problem than a midihub problem.

I’ve got an Uno, which weirdly my other computer in another room can happily talk to.

Thanks again, it was a question of obscure drivers, my windows machine can now happily communicate with both the arduino & the midihub.

Loving the midi event display in the update by the way.

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