Transform: set id|value to Channel

Would it be possible to add a 5th option to the two relevant dropdowns in Transform ?


  • Arg1
  • Arg2
  • 2ndByte/“N/A”
  • 3rdByte/“N/A”
  • Channel/“N/A”

It’s one of those things that comes up only every now and then when devising patches…

…but when it does, it needs circuitous work-arounds akin to the sorts of tricks needed before Transform got turbocharged with Use .. in Range Low|High

So you’d want to set byte 2 or byte 3 of the transformed message to the incoming message’s channel number?

Yep, so basically have the code check the Status byte.
If it’s >= F0 (?) it’s N/A
do as you say

Guess it would just come out as 0-15 but could be scaled 0-127 so that it’s directly available as an internal mapping.
Given that that would be it’s main usage, I guess it would go hand in hand with that “zen” upgrade! :smiley: