Transform PC to song select?

Hi !

I want to load scene on my Arturia Beatstep Pro with my PXL-LIVE (a foot controler that send CC and PC only).

According to Arturia website I can do that using song select (but I only know how to use CC and PC :confused:)

I’ve tried :

MIDI A IN → Filter (all except PC) → Transform → MIDI A OUT

But I don’t find “Song Select” type of message in Transform. Is there an other way I should know about ?

source : Beatstep Pro - Tips & Tricks BeatStep Pro FAQ

The Beatstep is able to receive Song / Bank / Pattern change messages.
To do that, here are the MIDI message that must be used, plus their nomenclature.

Load SceneSong Select (System Common Message)
F3 + Scene Number - (Scene 01 = 00 / Scene 16 = 0F)

Select ProjectMSB or Bank message
BY + Bank Number - (Bank 1 = 00 / Bank 4 = 03)

Select PatternProgram change (Midi Channel = Select Sequencer)
CY + Midi Channel + Pattern - (Channel 1 = 0 / Channel 16 = F / Pattern 1 = 00 / Pattern 16 = 0F)

Hey, yes, unfortunately currently Song Select message is not available in Transform pipe - we plan to add the remaining messages to it for the next update.

Ho nice ! It would be awesome. Son much possibilities !

Midihub was a bit frustrating for me at first, but once you understand how to really use it and that it’s a living community that always improve the product, it’s become a game changer !

So thanks for all that fun I guess :wink: