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I am very excited about MidiHub as it seems to solve a lot of my problems.

I use a KMI Softstep midi pedal to control a midi network including an iPad Pro (running Camelot Pro and Auria Pro), digital mixer, 2 keyboards, a synth module, a drum machine and a vocal processor. All of this is connected through an iConnectivity MioXM.

As the duo in the video said, I do not want a PC or Mac in my setup, other than for configuring gear. I use my iPad to command all the gear (presets, scenes and the like), but all other Midi is routed direct from device to device over hardware (for example, using my keyboards to play each other’s sound generators or my synth module). I don’t use the iPad for any midi translations (latency is a real problem for me).

I need to transform some of the messages I’ve programmed into the pedal.

Can Transform support Sysex?

I want to toggle DAW recording using one of the pedal keys. First press = Start, second press = Stop. I have it working on 2 separate keys, so the Sysex strings are proven.

I can toggle the output of a key to be, for example, CC 80 0 then CC 80 127.

Can MidiHub send the Sysex strings needed upon receiving those CC’s?

I’m ready to order, but want to be sure this product solves my problem.

While asking questions, a second one:
The iConnectivity MioXM acts as a USB host on its USB A ports (I’ve proven this with other devices). Can I connect to the MioXM using the MidiHub USB port and save those precious DIN ports for other gear?


Hey, Transform currently does not support triggering SysEx messages. But maybe there’s an alternative? What is the DAW you’re using?

The iConnectivity devices are known not to pass COM/Serial based USB endpoints through, so Midihub’s Editor wouldn’t be able to connect to the Midihub if it was connected through iConnectivity device.

Thanks for lighting fast reply!

I use Auria Pro on the iPad for recording. I set it to receive MMC and programmed MMC start/stop in my midi pedal.

In theory I don’t have to use MMC. I could use another remote control protocol.

On the USB connectivity issue:

I do have a USB port on my MioXM connected through a Mio (USB/DIN converter) to Midi in/out on my TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme. The MioXM is reliably routing PC’s, CC’s and note on/off to the vocal processor.

Does that mean that I can connect the MidiHub via USB?

Midihub is a USB composite device, consisting of 4 bidirectional USB MIDI streams and 1 bidirectional COM/Serial stream. The USB MIDI ones wouldn’t have any trouble, but the COM/Serial stream required for communication with the Editor software wouldn’t be passed through by MioXM.

Yes, MMC is currently not supported to be transformed to/from by Midihub (it could be passed through as is though).

Can Auria Pro be configured to useother kinds of messages to start & stop recording?

Auria supports MMC or HUI.

I’m assuming that because both are Sysex protocols, MidiHub can’t support either one at this point.

Is there an expectation that Sysex will become an option?

By the way, your competitor Midi Solutions Event Processor Plus does support both system realtime and Sysex messages.

Do you expect to add this support?

Yes, support for such SysEx messages was already requested. We should get around to it, once we focus on SysEx messages part, but we have a lot of other big features to work on at the moment.

Cool. I’m looking forward to trying out your product, which looks to be a fantastic solution for leveraging everything midi can be without a PC or Mac in the rig.

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Hi there, any updates on when sysex support might be available?

this was where this was last discussed, I think

SInce then there have been two firmware updates.

Can someone please tell me how to do my first ‘patch’ on this?

I am trying to use this ‘transform’ pipe. I want to change certain note messages and make those notes replace into program change messages.

Mode → replace.
Note on → program change
Set program number → argument 1
Arg 1 → 1

But this is where I get a bit lost.


Basically I have 2 different synths I am controlling with keystep pro. I want the top note of their respective channels to replace into program change messages.

So Im assuming I need to do 2 ‘lines’ of this, or duplicate but whats the bottom settings mean?

“work with channel, work with any channel, set channel to, keep channel”

And im assuming ‘Work with […] in Range Low’ to ‘range high’ is like if you set notes c1 to c5 it might do program changes 1 through 5?

Can someone please help me figure these last few settings out.

And let me know if I do indeed need 2x ‘lines’ of this or 2 pipes or w/e the terminology is :smiley:

It maybe useful to think of Work with as like filters:
by default your Transform will transform

  • any note (Work with Note Number in Range Low|High = [0;127])
  • of any velocity (Work with Velocity in Range Low|High = [0;127])
  • on any channel (Work with Any Channel = :heavy_check_mark: )

But you can home in on just one note of one velocity on one channel if you wish!
(diagrams here might help)

SO you might set one Transform to only respond to top G ([G8;G8] or [127;127] depending on how you set your Note value Display) and another to another note.

Whether your case actually needs 2 Transform pipes depends on

  1. what the respective top notes are
  2. whether you wanna specify different channels
  3. whether you want different program change messages for the 2 synths