Transform chords into specific CC values (Elektron Syntakt, Cycles)

Certain monophonic synths (thinking particularly of Elektron Syntakt and Cycles, but I think M8 has this as well) can have specific chords played on one track with each CC value being a different chord.

it’s very useful but very annoying to program vs just playing chords…

Therefore, I’m wondering if there’s a way to transform specific note combinations (chords basically) into specific CC values. This would be an extremely convenient tool for anyone with one of these devices.

Even more advanced would be if specific chord combinations could trigger TWO different CC values (on two different CCs) - because these machines have one CC dedicated to the chord, and another CC dedicated to the inversion

Short answer: No

reason: Midihub doesn’t recognise chords in the sense required for this task.

Longer answer:

  • At first thought, I’m fairly sure this would be impossible even using loopbacks.

  • Possible in python.mido (with a well-defined “chord-time-window”)

  • Probably possible in Pure Data

  • Maybe possible with BomeBox (never played with one- but others here have)